Coaching for Well-preneurs and Aspiring Influencers

We are all born with our own unique soul calling

That thing that completely lights you up and makes you shine from the

inside out.


But, over the years, our society sometimes rewrites our belief systems and we forget our true selves, our self love, and our true soul calling. 


That's where I come in. My soul calling is to help you say "goodbye" to your Inner Bully, "hello" to your truest self and help you build a life that is in complete alignment: mind, body and soul. I know what it feels like to hear the call to start a wellness business and show up fully on social media to positively influence people. I also know how scary and confusing that can be to navigate in the beginning.


What if I'm not good at this?


What if no one wants to work with me?


What if someone doesn't like my content?

What if no one comes to my webinar?

What if no one downloads my freebies?


What if, what if, what if...


Those "what ifs" feel so consuming, I've been there.  I also know that those "what ifs" can stop you from fully showing up in your light, and the world needs to see the real you.

Sweet friend, you have something to offer that no one else can.  

So, I want to help you build your confidence to shine; to fully show up and share your light with the world.


My approach is one of a kind, incorporating the perfect balance of practical mindset and wellness tools and a little bit of spiritual woo.

And with my unique approach, you will become your own mentor, able to tune into your truest self at any time for guidance as you pursue your biggest dreams.  


I use a combination of healing techniques such as Reiki, meditation, visualization and practical coaching to strengthen your inner connection to yourself and chase your biggest goals.

Here's the thing, I also know that being an ambitious woman, your plate is likely already pretty full (that's how we roll, right?) so, my signature approach cuts straight to the chase and hits all of the key stops we need to on the way to your dream life. We'll use my signature method building the bridge to your future self, using:

The 4 Cs of Success


In order to be able to go after and chase down our biggest dreams for your business,  we first must have clarity on what those dreams actually are. Using guided visualization and powerful journalling techniques we will uncover your biggest dreams by exploring your ideal state and self, and then connect the dots to your business. 


Once we have a clear picture of your ideal state, we start to clear the way; removing any blocks and setting up your goals for success. We do so with both energetic techniques such as reiki, and practical goal setting and mindset tools. 

Collaborating and Collapsing the Timeline: 

Once the path is clear, you're ready to move forward towards that ideal state and truest self. Now it's time for ACTION. Using my signature visualization techniques you will always have access to your Truest Self as your own mentor and together you will create the life you envision. 

Check In: 

As you move through your goals and potent action, you'll want to check in and reflect on the journey, making any tweaks as needed.

Ready to jump in and building the bridge to your truest self and best life?


Let's chat, sweet friend.


You are feeling called to have a wellness business for a reason!