The Ambitious Girl's Guide to Completely Up-leveling:

The Law of Attraction101

Do you have big goals, but you want to find a way to reach them with flow?

This course is for the ambitious babe who wants the low-down, crash course on all things Law of Attraction.



Do you keep hearing about how powerful the Law of Attraction is, but you just don't know how to harness it for yourself?

Or have you dipped your toes in a little bit, but you just haven't seen the results you're looking for?



Or maybe the Law of Attraction is entirely new to you and you just want to learn more.


If any of those sound like you, you're in the right place. 

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, I thought "So I just have to wish for something and wait?!"

So I made my wishes. Lots of them. 

And I waited. And waited. And waited.

They didn't happen. 

And I didn't understand why.


So I dove into the Law of Attraction head first and learned everything I possibly could and continue to learn about it to this day.


Now, I'm on a mission to share everything I've learned with you, gorgeous souls. Because the power of the Law of Attraction is not meant to be kept hush-hush.


We can all master it!



But, you have to know where to start!

That's where this course comes in.

This two hour intensive course will:

- Let you in on all the goods on what the Law of Attraction is

- Teach you about the basic Law of Attraction cycle

- Show you how you can implement the Law of Attraction into your own life to seriously up-level

- Show you how to supercharge your manifesting and make stuff happen NOW

- Give you practical tips on how to keep the faith ​