The Dreamer's Mini E-Course 

OMG babe, I am so excited you're here! I can feel the shifts happening - you are so ready for the next level. 

But, how can you pursue your next level without knowing what that goal is?

Let's actually dive in and get clear on your big dreams and goals, and then let's break down your barriers to those goals and dreams, and actually achieve them!

Firstly, consider this your official invite to dream BIG again! I know those big dreams are in there, and I also know that you might have been hiding them under the rug for a few years now because you grew up, got "practical" and suddenly your dreams seemed unrealistic, so you hid them in a little locked box in the back of your mind.


You may have even hid them away from yourself. 


Well, it's time to dig those dreams up again - grab the key and break that box open: it's time to unleash your craziest, wildest, scariest dreams! 

Need some help tapping into those dreams? I got you! Use the guided visualization on your ideal day to get clear on what you really want.


Then, once we've dusted off those amazing dreams, let's have a chat about your resistance to those dreams. And then let's blow that resistance out of the water! Use the guided meditation to melt away your resistance and leave nothing but excitement towards your goals!


I can't wait for you to experience the power of journalling, visualization and meditation for yourself, so let's get started! Click the links below to download your workbook, visualization and meditation. 


Get your workbook here


Play your ideal day visualization here:




Play your resistance melting meditation here:

Ideal Day Visualization - Samantha Conway
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Resistance Melting Meditation - Samantha Conway
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