The Stumbling to Self-Love Movement

Ever feel like you're on the struggle bus when it comes to your self-love?

Do you feel like on paper, you're doing ALL THE THINGS, but still feel like you're on a roller coaster of up and down with your self worth?

Oh girl, let's chat!

Every woman deserves to unconditionally love themselves and feel at home in their body and every journey to self-love is valid. 


Founded by Samantha Conway, the Stumbling to Self-Love Movement was created to empower all women to love themselves fully and embrace and validate their own journey

The movement was created to remove the veil surrounding the journey to self-love and positive body image and  and empower women to understand that no journey is picture-perfect, or perfectly linear, and yet, there is great power and beauty in every confusing, stumbling, fumbling journey.

The Why: 


Back in my darker days where self-love was nowhere to be found, I found a glimmer of hope in others who had walked the path to self-love before me. In their journey I found inspiration and it compelled me to start down my own path to self-love. 


Looking in on those inspiring women’s journeys, I thought that, like theirs, my own journey would be linear, with a clear start, carefully crafted steps along the way and a clear end point to which I would “arrive”. I thought this was an A to B type of journey. 


And then after I made my own twisting, turning journey to my current state (one of self-love, self-compassion and finally feeling at home in body) I decided to pay it forward and share my own tips and lessons with others who might be struggling. 


And, questions started to pour in: asking how to replicate the steps that I’ve taken; expressing how others feel like they’re doing something wrong because it feels so hard, so messy and so confusing.


And it made me realize: women don’t just need to be empowered to take that first step towards self-love and they don’t just need the tools to support them. 

Women need to know that there is no wrong path to self-love and women need to see the realness of the journey. 


The path is not linear. Even as a Self-Love Coach, I still have days where I wake up feeling neutral towards my body, and even days where my own Inner Bully creeps in. It still feels like I'm stumbling my through. And it's not because I'm doing something "wrong"; it's because that is how this journey works! To represent it as anything else would be doing a great disservice and setting women up for a world of disappointment when they do their own inner work and realize that there is no point of "arrival" - you are always working on yourself, always coming back to love and always learning. 

Women need more than just inspiration to look up to - they need reinforcement that a picture perfect glimpse at another woman’s journey does not fully capture the messiness of the journey. 


Stumbling your way to self-love is a perfectly valid way to get there. 


Friend, I need you to know something, I need you to know this in your bones: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken and you are not failing. You are not behind. You are not missing the mark. 


The Stumbling to Self-Love movement was created to empower women to embrace and share their own journey to self-love; the realness of it, in all of it’s glory. 


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