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A practical course on how to quiet your Inner Bully, and the voices of societal shoulds, and how to get in touch with your True Inner Self to truly live your best life, free of the fear of your Inner Bully and socetial expectations. 

You will learn:

- The three components of your inner dialogue and how they impact your daily life

- How to label and quiet your Inner Bully and Societal Shoulds

- How to tap into your True Inner Self any time for guidance and self-love and compassion

This course includes:

- An introductory video and weekly video lesson recordings for each of the three modules 

- A printable copy of the weekly slides to follow along

- A workbook to help you put the weekly lessons into practice including weekly journal prompts 

- Weekly activities to help solidify your learning

- A guided visualization on how to tap into your True Inner Self at any time 

- BONUS: my top ways to raise your vibration FAST when you're feeling down 


The busy girl's guide to saying "peace out" to your insecurities and loving your True Inner Self. 

You will learn: 

- What the Cycle of Stagnation is and how it holds you back 
- How to differentiate between your Inner Bully and your truth 

- My top tips on how to break the cycle, stop spinning your wheels and get un-stuck!


- How to release your insecurities in a productive way that will leave you feeling lighter

- How to practice unconditional self love

This course is a 35 minute intensive training on breaking the chains of your Inner Bully and the cycle of stagnation and truly step into your true self and live from a place of intention and love.

This course is for you if you feel like you've been spinning your wheels. 

You want to break free from your Inner Bully, but you feel like you are STUCK in her control and you don't know why. 

You feel like you keep trying to step into your True Self, but something is getting in the way and you end up exactly where you started. 


Babe, stop spinning your wheels. Break the cycle of stagnation today!



This course is for the ambitious babe who wants the low-down, crash course on all things Law of Attraction.


Do you keep hearing about how powerful the Law of Attraction is, but you just don't know how to harness it for yourself?

Or have you dipped your toes in a little bit, but you just haven't seen the results you're looking for?

 Or maybe the Law of Attraction is entirely new to you and you just want to learn more.


If any of those sound like you, you're in the right place. 


This course will:

- Let you in on all the goods on what the Law of Attraction is

- Teach you about the basic Law of Attraction cycle

- Show you how you can implement the Law of Attraction into your own life to seriously up-level

- Show you how to supercharge your manifesting and make stuff happen NOW

- Give you practical tips on how to keep the faith ​


Feeling super ambitious and ready to take it all on?

Ready to address your self talk, self love AND use it to master the law of attraction?

You want it all?

Awesome, I've got you covered babe.


Buy the three course bundle and save $18!



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