Seven Day Switch E-guide

Seven Day Switch E-guide

Your comprehensive e-guide where I share my approach to wellness that helped me lose more than 100 pounds, without dieting or feeling restricted.

In this e-guide we will cover: 

Part One - Intro – Debunking Diets:

In this introductory section, we’re going to briefly discuss why diets, as popular as they may be, are not the secret sauce when it comes to building a sustainable lifestyle and, for those who so desire, losing weight.


Part Two – The Pillars:

In part two we are going to cover the “pillars”; this is where I will share all about what has worked for me and why each of the three pillars will be important in setting you up for success.  I am also going to walk you through creating your very own lifestyle principles centred around these pillars. For each pillar you will work through guiding questions and exercises to create your program foundation.  


  • Self-Love

  • Empowered Eating

    • Bonus 1: Sample meal plan

    • Bonus 2: Smoothie Guide

  • Empowered Exercise


Part Three – Implementing Stage:

In this section you will start putting your new lifestyle into action!

You’ll spend a week implementing the lifestyle foundations you’ve created in Part One, reflecting on what’s working and what can be tweaked.

All for $22 USD



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