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You can live an INCREDIBLE life no matter what you've overcome, and here's how I know...

This month is a huge milestone for me. The kind of milestone I expect I'll remember for years to come. It's the month that I finally finished creating my first course, on finding your Inner Voice and tuning out your Inner Bully.

This step may sound small, but let me assure you, it isn't. It's been 10 years in the making. 10 years of my own healing journey have influenced the creation of this course. Now, fair warning, this post is about to get super real and might be triggering for some. I would never want to cause any pain, so please know your own limits.

10 years ago I experienced a trauma that left me reeling. I fell into a deep depression. Some days I couldn't bring myself to even get out of bed. I felt like huge burden on my loved ones and I thought I was worthless. At my absolute rock bottom I was self-harming daily and constantly fighting off suicide ideation. I was so completely engulfed in the darkness I had no idea how to help myself.

Nine years ago I committed to healing myself. I committed to trying, to living. I recognized that to do that I needed a huge change. I packed my bags and headed to a new city for school, for a fresh start. After loathing and punishing myself for so long this was my first true act of self-love. I was terrified that I wasn't strong enough to move away and live on my own, but I knew I needed to try and truthfully, it was one of the best decisions of my life. In the years that followed, I slowly started to heal and learn to trust myself again.

Jump ahead to four years ago I had successfully pulled myself far out of my depression and by all appearances was doing quite well. I was finishing up my masters degree and starting a new job in my field, getting ready to marry the love of my life. But, inside something still didn't feel quite right.

I knew I had overcome my depression and I knew I had healed immensely, but things still felt kind of "meh". Then came my second huge act of self love: I silenced the voice that told me that I should accept this state because I had seen rock bottom and this was so much better. I knew that I didn't want to just live, I wanted to THRIVE. And I knew I could do better. If I was strong enough to pull myself out of rock bottom, I was also strong enough to learn how to thrive.

I poured myself into personal development. I read countless books, and by beautiful coincidence (or perhaps divine timing and manifestation) I had the opportunity to work with an incredible coach. I learned how to truly live life at a level that I never knew was possible before. I finally felt the amazing impact of investing in my personal development. I felt like I was on a huge high and had figured out the key to life.

Three years ago I realized I wanted to give this incredible gift I had received to others. I thought that if I had a second chance, others should have that privilege too. I wanted to share all of the amazing things I learned and help others thrive too. I became a certified Wellness Coach, but quickly realized I needed more. Over the next couple years I took my Reiki level one, received attunements in energy healing, became a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and took my Meditation Teacher training.

Two years ago I casually started coaching. I desperately wanted to help, but was still finding my own voice and the courage to coach from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. I loved the experience of coaching, but kept it on the sidelines because I was afraid of the vulnerability.

One year ago I felt the nudge that it was time to get ready to go deeper and to truly share. I started to recognize that to truly help people I needed to get to a place where I could not just accept my story, but truly own it and be willing to share it. To use it to show what is possible.

Three months ago I felt ready to give coaching the time and energy it deserves. To accept the call of my soul to share my truth. I poured my heart into creating a course on how to silence your Inner Bully and societal pressures and find your own true voice amidst the chaos - a lesson that has been critical in my own healing journey.

This week I finished that course and am getting ready to launch it.

And today, after ten years, I finally feel the courage to answer the call to share my own story. I want you to know that no matter what your rock bottom is or was, you can come back from it. And not only that, but you don't have to settle for just okay. No matter how broken you may have felt at one point, you are deserving of being whole, of being happy and feeling joy. You are deserving and capable of thriving and regardless of what that inner voice may be telling you, you are enough.

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