• Samantha Conway

This is not your regular before and after.

Yes, there has been a transformation – one that is ongoing, but I’m not here to shame that before or talk about how lost she was, or how much she hated her body. Yes, those have been aspects of my journey, ones I’ve actively worked to overcome, but that ‘before’ picture actually doesn’t make me cringe and I’m not the slightest bit embarrassed by it. In fact, I remember taking that “before” picture and contrary to what you might expect, I felt at peace. Peace because I knew I was finally ready for a big change. Peace because I was finally ready to lovingly call myself out and take accountability for my journey, my health and my happiness. Finally ready to love myself enough to make myself a priority. I finally knew I could love and honour myself at any size, and that realization, oddly enough was actually one that set me free and allowed me to start releasing the weight. I was no longer afraid; no longer ashamed. What followed that “before” picture was a series of ups and downs, twists and turns as I re-learned how to honour myself: mind, body and soul. I relearned how to nourish myself and how to heal my relationship with food and with my body. Looking in, the journey may appear linear: before and after, but it wasn’t and isn’t – it is an ongoing journey of learning and healing. A mixture of days of change, of progress, of celebration; days of pure frustration, of wanting to retreat back to my old ways – my old comfort zone, days of losing sight of the big picture; days of the hard work of releasing old stories, releasing old versions of myself that I had outgrown. And ultimately, the journey has been a return to self-love; a return to my true self. Your journey may not feel linear, it may not always be easy or comfortable, but a journey that amplifies and solidifies your self-love and helps you return to who you really are; that sometimes messy, confusing, frustrating journey – it is worth it. And, you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to be at war with your body; there is a gentler, more loving way. I can show you. I can walk beside you as you journey down the path. I can support you on those days that frustrate you to your very core. I can celebrate your wins and help you see your worth. In my new group coaching program, I will show you how to tune in to yourself and how to release weight and regain your health by changing from the inside out. I will share the lessons that I’ve learned through my own journey of losing over 80 pounds. And, for anyone who signs up before Christmas Eve, I have a special holiday bundle for you, with early bird pricing and exclusive bonuses. In addition to the six-week group program (6 modules and 6 live calls), you will receive:

- My signature e-course: Three Weeks to Your True Inner Self – to help you address your Inner Bully once and for all ($77 value) - Exclusive access to me for 1:1 coaching via Voxer (a walkie-talkie style app where you can ask me questions directly and I will coach you through them) ($300 value) - My new Holiday Wellness Guide to support you through the holidays before our program starts in January ($25 value) And, you will receive all of this for the early-bird price of $111 (that’s $222 off the full price, plus $402 in additional value, for a total of $624 savings). Send me an email to save your seat and take advantage of this deal, loves.

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