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The Stumbling to Self-Love Campaign and Why it Matters

Hello dear friend!

Today I want to chat about my all-time favourite topic: self-love. More specifically, today I want to totally bust the myth that the journey to self-love is linear and clean-cut.

And you can get some insights on and info on how to get involved in the brand new Stumbling to Self-love campaign.

Let's jump in...

The whole journey of being an entrepreneur has been such an eye-opening process for me. I started my podcast, business, IG, blog etc. because I wanted to share all of the things that I had learned on my journey from rock bottom to loving myself unconditionally. My rock bottom was messy and self-love wasn’t just scarce, it was non-existent. For anyone who doesn’t know my story, the cliff notes version is that when I talk about self-love and how that journey can unfold, I actually get it because I came from self-loathing to where I am now.

So I created this blog to try and share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. And then creating my business, blog and podcast itself came with a plethora of lessons too! And I feel myself growing with every podcast episode I make, every post I write, every training I do and every client call I have. And every day I am thankful for this journey and it’s also brought such a beautiful realization that you never “arrive”. This journey looks so incredibly different than I ever thought.

Back in my darker days, I thought that the journey would be linear, with a clear start, steps along the way and a clear end. A to B.

As I write this, I am sitting here, finally feeling at home; at home in my body, at home with my mind and my soul. And lately as I’ve been feeling this, I’ve also simultaneously been working extremely hard to keep the journey moving forward and getting to that next level and I realized something: looking in, hearing me talk about self-love, hearing me share my story and my lessons and tools to support you, it might look like I’ve “arrived” to this place of self-love glory. That’s certainly how I used to see other people.

And you might be wondering - how did she get there?

You might even try to retrace my steps and infer that it’s been a linear process; a nice clean process from A to B. I can see why: I share tips, tricks and lessons; I make courses to help you in your journey, and I coach on self-love, so I can see how it might look linear.

I started at the bottom and now I’m here… is that a song quote?

But, my dear friend, this journey has been anything but linear and it would be seriously irresponsible for me to suggest otherwise.

So it’s time to PIVOT a little and yes, for all my fellow Friends fans out there, I am totally picturing Ross right moving a couch right now too.

As I continue on my journey and keep leaning in to how I can best serve you, I am recommitting to being REAL with you; to sharing it all. And, to removing the veil from the self-love journey. It’s not always pretty, it’s messy, it’s scary and I’ve spent my fair share of time crying on the bathroom floor wondering why things just aren’t working out the way I thought.

So my promise to you is to be real and to share not just the wins, but the messiness too and honour the fact that every journey will look totally different.

This is why I decided to start the Stumbling to Self Love Campaign. Authenticity and realness matters. And, stumbling your way to self-love (or to any goal for that matter) is still a perfectly valid way to get there. For some of us (ahem, most of us) it’s the only way, because we are HUMAN.

So let me paint you a picture (and maybe you do this too):

I used to look in on other people’s journeys and think their journey looked so nice and linear. They started at their “bottom”, wherever that was for them and then they climbed to the top, one carefully crafted and orchestrated step at a time.

I thought of how triumphant they must have felt as the climbed up their path, as they conquered that mountain one step at a time. I recognized that climbing that mountain was work, but the path looked so clear and linear - they knew what steps to take, so they just had to put the work in to do it. And I so admired that and wanted to replicate it. I basically thought that their journey was like a video game: you master one level and level up and just make your way up through each level until you hit the top (that’s how video games work, right? at least in my mind that’s how it goes).

Then I imagined that pivotal moment where they reached the top of the mountain (or end of the video game - try to keep up with these metaphors people). I pictured this shining moment where they “arrived”. This was generally where I would stumble across their profile on Instagram or read their story in the news or watch a documentary etc. I imagined how good it must feel to conquer their Inner Bully and once and for all arrive at that place of self-love.

And now, when I reflect on my own journey to this point, and when I think about the beautiful messages you send me, asking how to replicate the steps that I’ve taken; expressing how you feel like you’re doing something wrong because it feels so hard, so messy and so confusing, my heart hurts for you and not at all because you are doing anything wrong.

Friend, I need you to know something, I need you to know this in your bones: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken and you are not failing. You are not behind. You are not missing the mark.

This journey is not remotely linear. You will have times when you feel like you are being pulled in a thousand directions. At times, you will think you’ve made incredible progress making your way up that mountain trail, just to feel like something has derailed you to the point that you aren’t even on the path anymore.

You'll have times that feel like breakthrough after breakthrough, only to be followed by deep, unsettling confusion and insecurity that can last for months at a time.

And you may never feel like you’ve fully “arrived” because you will always be growing. Life will match your level; new challenges will arise, new levels of opportunity.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re tackling that mountain path one step after another. Other times you won’t even know where the heck that darn path went. Path? Sometimes you feel like the path is so far gone, you’re in some weird forest with no path at all, and it’s pitch black and wild animals are closing in, and you’re trying to fight them off with a toothpick. I know, I paint a pretty picture. But seriously, sometimes that’s how it feels.

But, my dear friend, as confusing and messy and sometimes downright crazy-town this journey can feel, as I sit here, filled with gratitude for how far this journey has brought me, I do hold hope for you. I hold so much hope for you.

I hope that one day, you find yourself at the top of the mountain, contemplating which mountain you’ll be tackling next because you know and are comfortable with the knowledge that this journey never fully ends, but you get the satisfaction of always growing and learning.

I hope you one day find yourself sitting there, realizing that you’re actually content in your current form, safe with the knowledge that this body, this mind, this soul is more than enough to carry you through every challenge, every amazing moment of this life.

I hope that you look back on your ever-evolving journey and feel overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at how far you’ve come. And I hope you feel all of these things, even when new challenges are coming your way. I hope you find a way to be comfortable with the polarity and complexity that is life and you can enjoy the moments just the same.

I hope that one day, this messy journey starts to look clearer and all of those pieces that were so confusing at the time, they now start to reveal how they fit together.

I hope that you remember that a messy, stumbling journey to self love is still a beautiful journey and is no less valid than any other journey.

And beautiful soul, I hope that through it all, you remember you are not alone. You are not lower on any hierarchy, we are all traveling through these journeys, we may just be at different points.

And I hope when you reach that beautiful point where you feel at home with yourself, that you remember to outstretch your hand to someone else and remind them it is possible because it so is.

Does this message speak to you?

I want to start a movement with the Stumbling to Self-love campaign.

I want to remind you that there is no wrong journey to self-love. I want all women to know that if your journey looks more like a stumbling, fumbling stagger than a clear cut linear process, that’s okay!

So, please help me spread the message and join the campaign. You can sign up for the Stumbling to Self-Love email newsletter at www.hiddenmomentslifestyle.com, listen to the podcast, share this podcast, leave a 5 star review, and use the hashtag #stumblingtoselflove on your social media posts.

We can do this together and you are never alone in your journey. Embrace the messy and revel in the complexity of this life.

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