• Samantha Conway

The Seasons of Life

There seems to be some confusion out there about loving what you do and thinking that this means that you will never get tired, never need to rest, and always be ‘on’.

What's worse, this notion is floating around suggesting that if we just love what we do, we need to constantly be "hustling" and we will never burn out, and never need to slow down and that if we do need rest, do need to slow down then we've done something wrong.

Well, it’s time to release that notion and all of the pressure that comes with it.

Life is all about seasons.

Similar to the cycle of the years, we all have our own internal set of seasons.

In our summer we feel fresh, active, and excited. We have the energy to pursue our passions and do so wholeheartedly. We are creating, enjoying the process, and busy doing.

Then autumn rolls around and it’s time to allow those efforts to reward you; to watch the beauty of what you’ve created and get ready to slow down.

Autumn is also a time to allow anything no longer serves you to fall away, like the leaves on the trees.

Then winter arrives. You’re a little tired, less inspired to create and you suddenly want nothing more than to hide under the covers and wait for it to be over.

Sound familiar at all?

These seasons are perfectly natural and they exist beyond the physical seasons of the year: your life, career and/or business all have these seasons as well.

We can’t always be creating, always be chasing, always be doing. There are times where we need to allow ourselves to just be instead.

If you’re feeling called to rest, this is not necessarily because you are misaligned, because you don’t love what you do or because you’ve done something wrong. Sometimes you simply feel called to rest because it’s your winter!

And, winter doesn't need to be a bad thing for you - winter can be a time of rest, rejuvenation and building clarity.

The beauty of this cycle is that you know that spring will come again: you will soon feel that spark of new life; that call to create, and nurture ideas and you will find yourself back in that garden of life planting seeds again.

If you are always trying to maintain the same activity level as your summer, you're doing yourself a disservice; you will find yourself burning out, feeling exhausted and losing that spark. And I don’t want to see you do that to yourself; life is cyclical for a reason - this is how we thrive.

So, if you feel called to slow down, to rest, know that you have done nothing wrong and allow yourself to rest and get ready for Spring to return again.

And, do yourself a huge favour and stop comparing your winter to someone else’s summer. You are right where you need to be, your intuition will guide you, and you will feel the call when it’s time to return to spring and summer.

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