• Samantha Conway

The Power of Learning

Something that I am passionate about is learning.

I love learning and self-development. It’s a passion I never want to lose, and I have promised myself that I will be a lifelong learner.

Being a student for many years instilled the joy of learning in me, but what I didn’t realize is that university classroom learning is just one type of learning.

Since finishing my Masters degree, I have been learning more than ever before and this was a surprise.  I’ve been learning in such a different way than before. All of my learning since graduating has been through a heart-centred approach.

Learning Reiki was an incredible experience for me. The art of reiki, though learned through a course, is done almost entirely through feeling. The same goes for the courses I’ve taken on healing and shamanism.

Learning through a heart-centred approach has taught me the importance of learning with a completely open mind and heart and this experience has taken my learning to a deeper level and helps me connect more deeply with myself and my purpose.

Maintain an interest in learning, and curiosity every day and throughout your life; there are lessons all around you.

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