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Morning Meltdown Day 40 Update

I can’t believe we are already 40 days through this program! Well, a little bit further even, I’m a few days behind on posting my update…

The past 10 days have absolutely flown by! I am starting to really feel like I’m settling in to this new routine and learning how to stick with it and be adaptable to incorporate these practices into my lifestyle for the long term.

It may sound strange, to just be getting settled into this routine now, after losing more than 100 pounds, but it’s the truth. This journey has been so incredible, but I’ve felt so rocky throughout, as though I couldn’t let my guard down or my old habits might creep back in, so it’s nice to start feeling like this is becoming a lifestyle - it’s becoming normal. I still know I need to be vigilant and make sure I’m choosing healthy coping mechanisms instead of turning to my old habits, but I feel much more secure and equipped to do that the further I go on this journey.

I’m thankful to be feeling this way because after a month of vacation, day trips and birthdays, I know in the past that would have meant falling off and having periods of bingeing, but I’ve been leaning on better coping mechanisms and it’s showing in my mental health and my results (that’s all I’ll say for now, but I’ll share more on my tips for overcoming bingeing later…).

So, on to the 40 day update!

Weight: down 11 pounds total

Measurements: down 26.5 inches total

I am SO happy with the results I’m getting from this program and I am *officially* only 15 pounds from my goal! It is starting to feel so real!

It is the strangest feeling to be getting this close to my goal; I feel like I was the one watching other people hit their goals for so many years. I always felt so inspired seeing other people’s journeys, but I also never really believed I would be able to do the same. I stopped and started so many times. I gave up so many times. And then one day, it’s like someone flipped a switch and I just decided. I decided that enough was enough and that regardless of how many times I fell down or slipped up, I would get back up and keep going.

I honestly think that decision has been one of the most pivotal changes for me. Actually recognizing that it doesn’t take perfection to hit your goals, it takes consistency and resilience. And what a relief, because that I can do. And so can YOU.

If you are reading this and feeling like I did in the beginning, wondering if and when it will be your time, let me just remind you: if and when is totally up to you. But, I’m here to help you do it so please know you can reach out and I can support you every step of the way: hiddenmomentswellness@gmail.com .

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