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Morning Meltdown 100 - Day 30 Update

I am so happy to be back at blogging again after a long hiatus and this time, I want to get back to some of the roots of my blogging (throwing it back to those who followed me wayyyyy back in the beginning with my Joyful and Whole blog) and use this blog as a way to share with you, but also as a motivator for myself AND a way to hold myself accountable.

So let me start by catching you up: I am currently doing a 100 day fitness and nutrition program and LOVING it. It’s challenging me in the best way and I love the variety. Somehow (seriously time flies) I am more than 30 days into the program!

When I first started the program I decided I wanted to follow it to a T. I’ve done these types of programs for a little over year now and I definitely have gotten results (down just over 100 pounds at this point), but I also know that I don’t always follow them 100% (although I sometimes convince myself otherwise!).

This time I’ve decided to follow through 100% and this means following the meal plan completely; instead of eye balling my portions, I’m measuring them - this has been a game changer! I honestly thought that in losing 100 pounds I was pretty good at knowing my portions, but as it turns out, I was definitely underestimating what I was eating… little taste of humble pie for me (except no, no pie right now). It also turns out that I was eating fewer carbs than what I could be - I honestly thought I needed to cut wayyyyy back on carbs to see results, but it turns out I was wrong (and let’s be real, that is a kind of exciting discovery).

I’ve also been following the workouts every day so far. Never have I ever done 30 straight days of workouts before and I find it so motivating to check my workouts off the calendar (by the way, when I say 30 straight days, there are active rest days sprinkled throughout so my body is still getting the rest it needs).

Even within the workouts I’ve noticed that I’m exercising a lot more discipline in this program. I would always take little breaks throughout the workouts before this program and I still saw results because I was still working hard, but this time, I am pushing myself to keep up and I am amazed at the difference it’s making in my results.

I honestly feel like I’ve found my soulmate program and I can’t wait to share my results with you as I keep going through it.

So far I am down nearly 20 inches overall and 7 pounds. It’s making me really wish I tracked measurements other than weight from the beginning because I think it would be so awesome to see the difference, but the 19 inches I’ve lost so far in this program are enough to keep me going!

Weight loss and fitness are so interesting because I feel like you go through different phases mentally.

This is kind of how it’s gone for me:

Initially: a little bit nervous, but SO motivated and on top of the world, let’s do this!

After a little while: okay this is tough and I’m not seeing instant results… is it even working? Maybe it isn’t going to work for me… (also FYI this is where I used to quit).

After sticking with it a while longer: OMG it is actually working, I’m getting some results! YAS!

Even longer: Ummm I might actually pull this off… wait what?! I repeat, I might actually pull this off!!!

Right now, I’m in that last category: I have 20 more pounds to go until my goal weight and for the first time in my journey I am actually starting to believe I can pull it off. More than a year of keeping faith, getting back up after every slip up, and sticking to this even when I didn’t fully know if I could do it, and now I finally feel like I will get there!

To anyone who is in any of those earlier stages, or even the “pre” stage where you might be feeling a little down on yourself, I want you to know, you absolutely can do it too. I truly do believe in you and I know you are capable.

And if you need some support, have any questions or just want someone who *gets* it, always feel free to reach out, I’m here for you!

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