• Samantha Conway

I see you ambitious babe, now let's back your ambition with confidence!

I remember so clearly, I had just joined the corporate world and I was sitting in a meeting room full of my colleagues and we were discussing an upcoming project and I had something to say; something valuable, something important. But, I couldn’t bring myself to actually open my mouth and say it. I was afraid of looking stupid, of not being taken seriously.

After the meeting I took a walk to try and shake it off, but I was filled with shame. This job, this project, this meeting were exactly what I was trained for; it was exactly what I had worked SO incredibly hard to get to, so why couldn’t I just open my mouth and speak my truth?

My Inner Bully was in full control and in that moment I had to acknowledge the hard truth: even after getting my masters and getting a job in exactly the field, location, and subject area that I wanted, my confidence was at a zero. I had so much I wanted to contribute, so much I had within me to add value to the team, and so many ambitions for my career, but I lacked the confidence to actually act on them.

I was super ambitious, but had no confidence to stand on.

No inner knowing or inner worth to be the foundation that allowed me to show up authentically and propel my career forward.

I decided then and there that I was going to do whatever it took to build my confidence to the point that I could speak my truth, add value and move my career forward.

I had no idea the extent to which that one decision would change my life.

I did the inner work: I read the books, I worked with coaches, I studied the law of attraction, I meditated, I visualized, and I finally addressed my inner dialogue and got in touch with my True Inner Self.

Fast forward only six months later, I was sitting in a room full of managers and executives mentally preparing for my presentation portion of the event and I felt excited, I felt confident. I knew that I could go up to the front of the room as my authentic self and add value. And after my presentation one of the top executives approached me and complimented my poise. Me, the girl who couldn’t even bring herself to speak in a meeting of

peers a few months earlier!

I finally understood why personal development mattered so much and why hustle and ambition will fall short if they aren’t backed up with the right energy and confidence.

Now, I back my hustle with a higher vibration of energy, and my foundation of self-love is strong, my connection with my True Inner Self is unwavering.

It’s my mission and calling to help you learn how to do the same; how to match your ambition with equally unshakeable confidence to pursue your wildest dreams and fast-track your success.

Gorgeous soul, can you relate to this struggle?

Book your free discovery call with me if you want to learn more about how I completely transformed my confidence in only six months. I love connecting and I can’t wait to chat.

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