• Samantha Conway

Either you have power over your past or it has power over you

Either you have power over your past, or your past will have power over you.

I spent YEARS hiding my past.

I was ashamed that I had overcome trauma, depression and self-harm.

I thought that because I had overcome it, that meant I could forget it.

I thought that because I built a life I absolutely loved that I couldn’t relate to that rock bottom version of myself anymore.

So I stuffed the memories down, I operated only from the ‘new me’. I didn’t talk about my past, ever.

My past become a secret. It felt like I had to hide it.

I was afraid someone might judge me, might not relate to me, or might think I was lying when I said I had healed and built a life I truly loved.

I didn’t even realize that these fears actually meant that my past had power over me. My past was still controlling me, even though I had healed so much.

In pretending my past didn’t exist, I denied myself.

I denied the part of me that experienced trauma and I denied the part of me that worked so incredibly hard to overcome. The part of me that learned how to rise; how to thrive.

The moment I decided to own my past, to be truly 100% authentic, I freed myself.

I became stronger as a coach; I could truly live authentically and support others in doing the same.

The moment you decide to honour your past, honour the part of you that suffered and the part of you that rose above, that is the moment you take your power back. That is the moment you set yourself free.

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