• Samantha Conway

5 Tips to Instantly Change Your Mindset

The other day, after a big, beautiful snowfall, I decided to walk home from downtown.

I had been feeling exhausted all week, and truthfully, I spent the first fifteen minutes of the walk throwing a pity party, cursing myself for committing to the hour and a half walk.

All I could focus on was how tired I was, and with every passing step, I felt my exhaustion creeping in a little more.

All of a sudden, I stopped. I looked around, took a deep breath, and snapped this picture.

I was surrounded by the most gorgeous scene – a beautiful, snowy waterfront and a crisp, white trail.

I thought about how I had missed the first fifteen minutes of scenery because I had been too busy feeling sorry for myself.

I thought about why I decided to walk in the first place: it was a lovely day, with a beautiful route, and I love walking; it gives me clarity, and it grounds me.

In that moment I realized, yes, I was tired, but I had a choice:

I could choose to stay miserable, and focus on how tired I was. I could willfully turn my head to the beauty that surrounded my and I could cloud my head with negativity.

Or, I could be present. I could choose to see the beauty around me, choose to use the walk to clear my mind.

Either way, I was walking. My decision wouldn’t change the outcome, but it absolutely would impact how I felt about it.

I’m sure you can guess which option I chose. And, by the time the walk was over, I felt clear, and refreshed.

Your mindset may not always impact the outcome, but it will certainly impact your journey and how you feel about it.

Here are five simple tips to quickly change your mindset:

1. Take a moment to quiet the noise: tune in to your breath and focus inwards for a moment.

2. Take in your physical surroundings: use all of your senses and take in your surroundings - notice everything, and use this moment to ground yourself.

3. Choose your next thoughts out of intention: once you've caught yourself and tuned in to slow down, be intentional about the next thing you choose to think, the next thing you're going to focus on. Use this as a reset and change your direction.

4. Smile: regardless of how you feel, take a moment to just smile. It is honestly so hard to stay in a funk when you just smile.

5. Take a moment to show gratitude: towards anything and everything. When I was on my walk, I felt immense gratitude for the incredible scenery and it made a huge difference to my mindset instantly.

As much as we sometimes find ourselves in a funky mood, the beautiful thing is that you have control over your mindset, so choose wisely.

Did you try these tips? Let me know!

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