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100 Pounds Down!

Oh hayyyy girlfriend, it’s me, Sam , your long lost Personal Development and wellness nerd friend….

It’s been a beat since I’ve done a blog post and I miss connecting this way, so let’s fire this baby back up again!

To get things rolling, today I’m going to share a bit about my weight loss story with you and some exciting news you may have already caught by now if you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook! So grab a cuppa and come sit with me, babe.

Some of you may already know, I recently *officially* hit 100 pounds down. A goal I’ve been working towards for quite a while now!

100 pounds down
100 pounds down

This journey of losing 100 pounds has been a journey of healing and self-discovery for me.

Just under two years ago, I found myself leaving the doctors office after being labeled “obese” and told that my health indicators were pointing to some big future issues.

I was devastated, but I wasn’t surprised; after recovering from multiple eating disorders, I was still reeling from a distorted relationship with food and my body and I had been yo-yoing my way up the BMI charts for years. Being a fairly new Mama, I also knew that it was time for me to make real, lasting change, for me and for my baby girl; I did not want my body image and food problems to become her problems.

So I committed to myself. Not just to the physical changes, but to actually getting to the root of what was causing my weight gain to begin with and I’ve spent the last year and a half recommitting to myself every day. Every day, peeling back new layers and healing my relationship with food and with my own body.

Every day, learning new coping mechanisms instead of avoiding hard emotions with food.

Every day practicing discipline when I would rather eat take out, or rather nap, or rather watch TV than cook healthy meals and workout (although to be honest, at this point I look forward to my workouts every day, but it wasn’t always the case).

Losing weight for me has been so much more than a physical transformation - the physical transformation is easy to show; it’s easy to see. But the inner transformation, the returning home to myself, remembering who I really am and pursuing that version of myself - that has been the biggest reward.

And to that end, what I learned from the process is that part of my own purpose is to help others be well, so they can live out their soul’s purpose.

I want to help people feel strong - emotionally, physically. I want to empower women through their relationship with their body. I want to help women truly love themselves and more than anything: I want to help women reach their potential and step into the version of themselves they truly can be. And a healthy mind and body will help achieve that goal.

So, for the first time ever, I am now offering VIP Bootcamps with workouts, nutrition support AND self-love teachings.

My first bootcamp starts MONDAY and there’s a seat in there just for you, beautiful.

Are you feeling called to join us? Fill out this form for additional information.

I can’t wait to see you in the bootcamp loves!

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