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Do you have BIG ambitions, but you feel like your spinning your wheels trying to get ahead?

"I want to get ahead in my career, but I feel overshadowed by more dominant personalities"

"I know I am capable, but I can't seem to show up authentically and hold my own in the workplace"

"I am afraid to step into the spotlight in my career because I am not yet an expert"

"I want to pursue big opportunities, but I'm afraid I'm too young/new/inexperienced"

"The only way I know how to get ahead with integrity is to hustle harder, but it's not happening as fast as I'd like"

Sound familiar?


Are you tired of spinning your wheels when you KNOW you are meant for more?

Are you ready to learn how to propel your life and career forward in a huge way, that keeps your integrity intact?


Yep, it absolutely can be done.  A life of fulfillment, joy and prosperity can be your reality.



You can learn how to continuously add value without having to worry about always knowing everything and being the "expert".

You can show up authentically and still get ahead.

You can attract amazing promotions, even if you are new/young.

You can continuously grow and develop and build a life that is fulfilling to you.

Now it's YOUR turn and I'm so ready to share all of my methods with you, so you can experience the fulfillment and success that comes with being truly in alignment with your goals and living your authentic truth.


The Hidden Moments Lifestyle intensive group coaching package for the ambitious babe who is ready to back her hustle with unshakeable confidence to achieve true fulfillment and success!

The first round starts August 13th!


In this program, I am taking all of my most powerful elements of my 1:1 coaching and using them to create a transformational 12 week program designed to help you get super clear on your big ticket, most fulfilling goals and then bust through any barriers that are in your way of achieving those goals. 


I want to help you experience major shifts and breakthroughs that absolutely propel you forward in your life and career. 


And, this isn’t your typical group coaching program: in addition to the group setting, you will also receive monthly 1:1 coaching calls with me. YES, 100% tailored to YOU so we can facilitate those breakthroughs and make the magic happen for you!


What you will learn:

  • My tried-and-true approach to building unshakeable confidence

  • My step-by-step process of building killer career and life goals and then smashing them

  • My signature methods on melting away any limiting beliefs or blocks that stand between you and your goals - to create a clear path to success


How you will learn:

  • You will be in small group with other gorgeous souls equally as passionate and ambitious as you are and you will grow together (you will have a hub exclusively for the babes going through the program to ask questions, engage with each other and learn from each other in a safe space)

  • Each week you will go through pre-recorded assignments and trainings, then we will have a LIVE call where I will coach you on the week’s topics and work through any questions you have

  • We will have monthly 1:1 sessions to check in on your progress with the program

  • Each program participant will receive a free distance healing session

  • You will also receive guided visualizations and meditations to help solidify your learning 

Course Breakdown:






This course is for the ambitious babe who is ready to smash her career goals and build a life that she is in love with.


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