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I know how it feels to have wellness goals, and want to leave 

unhelpful habits like emotional eating behind you for good.

I also know it feels like the more you diet, the further that beautiful

picture moves away. And, I know how frustrating it is to feel like you're

doing everything right and inevitably old habits like emotional eating and bingeing creep in and sabotage your progress. 

I don’t believe in shaming your way to your goal weight/shape/size/health status, but I also know first hand the struggle of not feeling at home in your body.


I know (all too well) not feeling aligned with your body and I know feeling at a loss on how to listen to and honour your body. I know that struggle well.


I want to help you break free of that struggle.

I want to help you build a long-term lifestyle that you actually love and find that special balance where your body naturally finds its equilibrium and ideal weight, you naturally have more energy and vitality, and you can focus on living. 


Three years ago, I found myself sitting squarely in the “morbidly obese” category, shuddering at the label and crying in my doctor’s office, hearing all of the diseases and conditions I was at risk of developing (some of which were already starting to manifest), because of my weight, and even more importantly: my lifestyle.


I felt trapped. I had already tried and failed at so many diets. I found myself contemplating weight loss surgery, but although I know that works for some people, I also knew that my problem ran deep and I needed to get to the root; with or without surgery, I knew that addressing the root issues was the only way I could create lasting change.


So, I made the decision to do just that. I knew I needed to make the SWITCH in some major areas of my life: my nutrition, my fitness, my self-care and self-love all needed a serious overhaul.  To some extent, even then, I knew that if I was going to address the root, I couldn’t do it without addressing my self-love; this had been the missing ingredient in all of my previous attempts – I had been trying to hate myself into a thinner body.


From that one decision, I felt like I had flipped a switch and for the first time ever, I was committed to the long term; to the BIG picture.


I stumbled my way over the next two years; I learned as much as I could and became thirsty for knowledge and I just kept trying until I found what worked for me.


I made countless mistakes and fell off many times, but I kept getting back up and finally found my groove – I found what approach(es) actually worked for me and my body. And, after losing more than 105 pounds, getting certified in Wellness Coaching, Reiki healing, Nutrition fundamentals with a specialization in Weight Loss and Intuitive Eating, I've coached dozens of women through their own lifestyle transformations as well.


And it gets better: rather than just telling you what’s worked for me (don’t worry, I’ll do that too), I’m actually going to help you with the foundational pieces to build your own lifestyle – one that actually works for you and your body.


Rather than giving you a prescribed set of rules and assuming we’re all the same, I’m going to empower you with the tools and introspection to build your own lifestyle that works for you. For me, acknowledging that I am an individual and therefore need an individualized approach, has been key to building a lifestyle, instead of following a short term diet and it's also the key to my client's success as well. 

So, if you're ready to ditch the prescriptive, non-individualized approaches, and replace them with an approach that will lay the groundwork for a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that is completely tailored to you and your needs, then my coaching is for you!


Together we will use my signature 4 step method to help you make lasting change, from a place of empowerment, never shame. 

The 4 Cs of Success


In order to be able to go after your wellness goals,  we first must have clarity on what those goals actually are and get to the root of what they mean to you. Using guided visualization and powerful journalling techniques we will uncover your ideal state and build your goals around it. 


Once we have a clear picture of your ideal state, we start to clear the way; removing any blocks and setting up your goals for success. We do so with both energetic techniques such as reiki, and practical goal setting and mindset tools. 

Collaborating and Collapsing the Timeline: 

Once the path is clear, you're ready to move forward towards that ideal state and truest self. Now it's time for ACTION. Using my signature visualization techniques you will always have access to your Truest Self as your own mentor in your wellness and together you will create the life you envision. 

Check In: 

As you move through your goals and potent action, you'll want to check in and reflect on the journey, making any tweaks as needed.

Ready to jump in and building the bridge to your truest, most vibrant self?


Let's chat, sweet friend.

Yes, you do get to Live your most authentic, vibrant life!


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