Three Weeks to Your True Inner Self Course

Do you feel like you know you are meant for more, but you just can't shake that voice inside that tells you that you aren't ready? Aren't good enough?

Do you feel trapped under the weight of societal expectations?


Do you have an inkling of what your Inner Voice is trying to tell you, but you can't quite tune in?

I feel you babe; I've been there.


And that's how I also know that you absolutely CAN quiet that negative inner voice that tells you that you can't.

You CAN learn how to wade through societal pressures and find your OWN inner voice. Your TRUE SELF. 


This course was designed to help you identify those negative inner voices and limiting beliefs that hold you back and help you truly tap into your own truth and learn how to own it.


In three weeks we will cover:

- The three components of the self and how they are impacting your inner dialogue 

- How to identify and quiet your Inner Bully and societal expectations 

- How to amplify your own inner voice so you can live YOUR truth


The course includes:

- An introductory video and weekly video lesson recordings for each of the three modules 

- A printable copy of the weekly slides to follow along

- A workbook to help you put the weekly lessons into practice 

- Weekly journal prompts to help you navigate your inner dialogue and outward influences

- Weekly activities to help solidify your learning

- A guided visualization on how to tap into your True Inner Self at any time 

- BONUS: my top ways to raise your vibration FAST when you're feeling down