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I’m Sam Conway, a 28 year old Mama to my 2 year old daughter Nora, and wifey to my high-school sweetheart Cam. 


Growing up, I struggled with eating disorders and after recovering, I found myself continuing to struggle with disordered eating and bingeing, leading to significant weight gain. Years after my eating disorders I continued to yo-yo and my weight slowly crept up. After all these years of struggling, I finally looked the truth in the face: I didn't know how to take care of my body and I didn't know how to love or accept myself. After this realization, I vowed to heal; I ditched diet culture and ultimately lost 100 pounds. I stumbled my way through lots of mistakes and hard lessons and ultimately learned how to build sustainable habits, truly love and accept myself, and work towards being the truest, most authentic version of myself. 












Here’s what I realized having been on both sides: 

Your body is NOT your sole purpose, it is not an ornament or a trophy and it is not a determinant of your worth. 


However, for so many of us, being overweight is a reflection of something going on much deeper; for me, being overweight was my way of hiding and not living up to my full potential, and food was a coping mechanism when I didn’t want to feel heavy emotions. I didn't actually know how to care for myself, I only knew two extremes: restricting and bingeing. I needed to find a middle ground: wellness and balance.


In order for me to truly start living my life the way I wanted to, I needed to address my body, because my body was an extension of myself: mind and soul. 


What’s more, being overweight is a distraction; having associated health problems (and by the way, not all people who are considered “overweight” have health problems, but I did) and carrying that emotional baggage means that you can’t focus as clearly on your true soul’s calling.

When I started shedding the weight physically, I noticed an equally radical inner transformation and I leaned into it.

I worked hard not only physically, but mentally and emotionally so that I could be the best version of myself and live my best life. It has not been a linear journey, but an ongoing journey of stumbling my way through the ups and downs - a journey that continues to this day. 

I use this blog as a creative outlet and journal, sharing the ups and downs of my journey of self-love and healing. Here you will find everything from posts on my experience with fitness programs, recipes, occasional little hand-lettered printables and quotes, and more personal journals on motherhood, body image and self-worth. I vowed along the way to share the real - not just the pretty, so on these pages, you'll find a little piece of my heart.  


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For inquiries, collaborations or to book for a public speaking engagement, email me at:  hiddenmomentswellness@gmail.com

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