7 Day Switch E-Guide

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Okay beautiful soul, here's the thing...

I know how it feels to have weight loss goals and feel like the more you diet, the further that beautiful picture moves away. And, I know how frustrating it is to feel like you're doing everything right and inevitably emotional eating and bingeing creep in and sabotage your progress. 


I don’t believe in shaming your way to your goal weight/shape/size/health status, but I also know first hand the struggle of not feeling at home in your body.


I know (all too well) not feeling aligned with your body and I know feeling at a loss on how to listen to and honour your body. I know that struggle well.


I want to help you break free of that struggle.



I want to help you build a long-term lifestyle that you actually love and find that special balance where your body naturally finds its equilibrium and ideal weight.


Not all that long ago, I found myself sitting squarely in the “morbidly obese” category, shuddering at the label and crying in my doctor’s office, hearing all of the diseases and conditions I was at risk of developing (some of which were already starting to manifest), because of my weight, and even more importantly: my lifestyle.


I felt trapped. I had already tried and failed at so many diets. I found myself contemplating weight loss surgery, but although I know that works for some people, I also knew that my problem ran deep and I needed to get to the root; with or without surgery, I knew that addressing the root issues was the only way I could create lasting change.


So, I made the decision to do just that. I knew I needed to make the SWITCH in some major areas of my life: my nutrition, my fitness, my self-care and self-love all needed a serious overhaul.  To some extent, even then, I knew that if I was going to address the root, I couldn’t do it without addressing my self-love; this had been the missing ingredient in all of my previous attempts – I had been trying to hate myself into a thinner body.


From that one decision, I felt like I had flipped a switch and for the first time ever, I was committed to the long term; to the BIG picture.


I stumbled my way over the next two years; I learned as much as I could and became thirsty for knowledge and I just kept trying until I found what worked for me.


I made countless mistakes and fell off many times, but I kept getting back up and finally found my groove – I found what approach(es) actually worked for me and my body. And, after losing more than 105 pounds, I’m ready to share my approach with you too.


I’ve designed this one week guide to be the switch serves as a catalyst for you too, because that one decision, that one week can change everything.  


And it gets better: rather than just telling you what’s worked for me (don’t worry, I’ll do that too), I’m actually going to help you with the foundational pieces to build your own lifestyle – one that actually works for you and your body.


Rather than giving you a prescribed set of rules and assuming we’re all the same, I’m going to empower you with the tools and introspection to build your own lifestyle that works for you. For me, acknowledging that I am an individual and therefore need an individualized approach, has been key to building a lifestyle, instead of following a short term diet. 

So, if you're ready to ditch the prescriptive, non-individualized diets, and replace them with an approach that will lay the groundwork for a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that is completely tailored to you and your needs, then this e-guide is for you!

What's included in the e-guide?

Part One - Intro – Debunking Diets:

Diets, as hard as they may be, seem to be the “easy” choice – i.e. they are the go-to when we think about changing our lifestyle. And yet, their success rates are shockingly low.


In this introductory section, we’re going to briefly discuss why diets, as popular as they may be, are not the secret sauce when it comes to building a sustainable lifestyle and, for those who so desire, losing weight.


Part Two – The Pillars:

In part two we are going to cover the “pillars”; this is where I will share all about what has worked for me and why each of the three pillars will be important in setting you up for success.  I am also going to walk you through creating your very own lifestyle principles centred around these pillars. For each pillar you will work through guiding questions and exercises to create your program foundation.  


  1. Self-Love

  2. Empowered Eating

    • Bonus 1: Sample meal plan

    • Bonus 2: Smoothie Guide

  3. Empowered Exercise


Part Three – Implementing Stage:

In this section you will start putting your new lifestyle into action!

You’ll spend a week implementing the lifestyle foundations you’ve created in Part One, reflecting on what’s working and what can be tweaked.